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Certified Nursing Assistant Training 

Certified Nursing Assistants work in hospitals, retirement communities, physician offices, community care centers and nursing care facilities.
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CPR Training- Included with the CNA Training.

Immaculate Healthcare teaches Basic CPR, BLS, and First Aid training to healthcare workers; providing the information and skills needed to assist others during cardiac emergencies. 

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Phlebotomy Tech Training
(Coming Soon)
Phlebotomy healthcare workers assist physicians in collecting blood specimens for the laboratories, and prepping lab equipment.
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The Immaculate Mission

Immaculate Healthcare Professionals is here to teach future CNA's how to provide

high-quality patient care for diverse illnesses.

We also provide the education to assist residents with daily activities such as bathing, toileting, grooming, meals and transferring.

We take pride in teaching individuals how to administer vital signs and provide pre- and post-operative care.

What is a CNA and What Do They Do?

Certified nursing assistants are front line patient care professionals who perform vital care responsibilities for patients. Typically, nursing assistants work in hospitals, retirement communities, physician offices, community care centers and nursing care facilities. Some are employed by family members for their loved one, making in-home visits to provide companionship and physical care for their patients.

The core duties of CNAs include:

  • Ensuring high-degree personal hygiene for patients by helping with baths and showers, assisting with movement to bathrooms and toilets, and giving shampoos, shaves, back rubs, urinals, bedpans and baths.

  • Providing daily living activities such as feeding patients, serving meals, ambulating, positioning and turning patients, and providing nourishment and freshwater between meals.

  • Maintaining patient stability through prompt checking of vitals and weight, recording intake and output volumes, and testing urine.

  • Ensuring patient comfort by applying appropriate materials and resources, transporting patients, answering patient calls, and reporting observations and changes to nursing supervisors.

  • Documenting activities by completing forms, logs, records and reports.

In terms of job security – Amidst the economic turmoil, the healthcare field is the least affected since healthcare is an indispensable component of the economy.

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Fully Accredited Institution

Our Certified Nursing Assistant training program is fully accredited to ensure the students meet all requirements of knowledge and skills.


  • Regulated and Approved by the Arkansas Department of Human Services: Office of Long-Term Care

  • Regulated and Approved by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. 

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