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Dana Smallwood, Director

Dana Smallwood's vision is to provide nursing assistants with quality hands-on instruction and skills training to successfully become certified nursing assistants.

"My passion is placing premium value on our students and providing prompt attention to their queries and complaints.
I love helping other people and building people up through motivation and encouragement."

"If you can build a person up and make them believe in themselves & their dreams, then they're unstoppable."

Tashimma Lacy, RN

Tashimma's passion is to love and take care of who all are in need. 



Meet Ms. Lacy. A mother of two grown men, who are 27 and 24 years old. 

Tashimma started her nursing career in 1994 as a CNA. A few years later, she went to school to obtain an LPN in 1997. She has worked as an LPN for over 20 years and in 2019, she graduated from UALR with Associates of Science in Nursing and became an RN. She is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in nursing. 

Samuel Morris, LPN.

BLS Instructor

Samuel's passion is teaching you how to save a life.  



Samuel is an LPN; graduating from St. Vincent's School of Practical Nursing in 2008. Samuel received his American Red Cross CPR Certification in 2011; and is currently continuing education to become an RN.

He is a thriving entrepreneur traveling the State of Arkansas teaching classes such as: I.V. training, BLS Instruction, and is an all-around educated man in the nursing field. 

Casey Hunt, LPN

Casey's passion is showing the NA students how to properly take care of their patients.

Untitled design.png


Casey has been a nurse for 19 years.

Mrs. Casey has obtained her degree; and graduated from ASU in Searcy, Arkansas.

She is a proud wife and mother of two children, and a proud grandmother of two grandchildren. 

Brandi Upshaw, RN

Brandi's passion is being a compassionate leader. 



Brandi graduated as an LPN at ASU- Searcy, Arkansas in 2003. She graduated as an RN from Baptist Health College in 2005.

Brandi has 19 years of experience as a nurse.

Jacque Dyer, LPN

FB_IMG_1656023763286 2.JPG

Jacque's passion thrives on the knowledge she has obtained being a nurse. 


Jacque has received her nursing degree from St. Vincent's School of Practical Nursing in 2010. She is also a surgical technologist; and has studied at Philander Smith College. She also has a passion in making sure NA students know what they're doing; and can do it comfortably and effectively. 

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